About Brigitte

After spending all of my childhood and teens in rural France, I moved to
England where I lived for 16 years in a very different, suburban environment.

It was in England that I first had the opportunity to express my creative feelings.
I started to sketch and design house interiors. Over a period of time, 
I was able to build my hobby into an interior design and soft furnishings buisness,
which existed for 7 years. Throughout those years I was experimenting with different media,
until I eventually discovered acrylics in 1997, this was the medium I had been looking for.

In 2000 and 2001, I studied anatomical drawing, acrylics and watercolours at the Hochkunstschule in Vienna Austia. In 2002 I studied watercolours at the Art museum of Worcester Massachusetts in the USA

I like to spend time thinking about a painting and sketching it, then when I start
I like to complete the work at once, something which acrylics allow me to do.

Painting is my way of expressing my inner thoughts. They have hidden stories which reveal
themselves to me as they are completed. At the same time they reveal more of my own story to me allowing my journey to continue in peace. What you may see, could be a very different meaning, but there will always be a connection between me, the painting and you.

My paintings are inspired by the world around me which is often changing.
In recent years I have been in Austria, Denmark, Germany, Hungary, Portugal, France, U.S.A, Belgium, Turkey and China As my travels continue, so does my inspiration...... 

The apprenticeship which we call life, starts every morning when I wake,
and continues through the night in my dreams.

Feel free to visit my galleries from time to time, as they will be updated
whenever I have new works to show you.